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Orange Vinegar - A green way to clean!
Pour the vinegar into the jar to cover the peels and close tightly. Store the jar in a cupboard or another cool, dark place for two weeks. Then remove the orange peels and transfer the vinegar to a spray bottle. For basic cleaning purposes, I dilute the vinegar with water by 50%.
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Not only is it easy to make your own powdered laundry detergent . . . it is less expensive, good for the new(and old) washing machines and no more lugging heavy boxes in from the grocery store! When you are done - put in a decorative container on your machine. No sense in not making your laundry space pretty too.  Another bonus - you can use your ends/scraps of your body/facial soaps to grate up in your first step. Great way to recycle that good soap that is too small. Just add enough end/scraps to total one full bar.

Laundry Soap Ingredients
Bar of grated bar soap (Natural, Ivory, Fels Napa, Zoat, or scraps to add up to 4-7 oz)
1 cup of washing soda
1 cup of borax
10-20 drops essential oils (optional)
How to Make Laundry Soap-
  • Grate the soap using a hand grater or food processor. Grate into fine particles so it dissolves easily.
  • Carefully mix with the washing soda and borax (use gloves or a spoon as these can by drying if used directly on skin)
  • Add essential oils and stir.
  • Store in an air-tight glass jar.
  • Use 1-2 tablespoons per load. 

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Dishwasher Tabs 
1/3 Cup Washing Soda (cleaner)
1/3 Cup Baking Soda (cuts out grease)
1 package unsweetened lemonade drink mix (added cleaning power, antibacterial and smells awesome)
1/3 Cup of Salt (reduces hard water build up – you might be able to reduce this amount if you have soft water)

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl with a spoon. At this stage you can actually just leave it all as a powder.
Just add a tablespoon to your washer dispenser and wash as usual. The problem is that the powder can harden in the container, so try a clean sock tied up with rice in the container with it to help with that. I prefer the tabs so I can just grab one out and don’t have to worry about the mix hardening.
If you want to make tabs though, just add 1/3 cup water…
When you pour in the water it will fizz.  Wait until the mixture is totally done fizzing and bubbling (1-2 minutes).
Once all the ingredients have combined together into clumpy texture similar to really moist sand you can spoon it into mold. I used a flexible candy mold but you can use an ice cube tray, soap mold, etc. 

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